Quality Policy


KUSKO E.I.R.L. dedicated to the design and marketing of jewelry in silver and gold, committed to satisfying the requirements of our distinguished clientele day by day, offering jewelry with innovative designs according to changing trends, meeting the requirements in a framework of objectivity and reliability.

Our commitment is reflected in:

  • Meet our customers' requirements in a responsible and effective manner, offering them products and quality service.
  • Working under a continuous improvement approach to learn from previous lessons at all times to achieve total satisfaction with the requirements of our internal (employee) and external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, etc.).
  • Have competent staff who are able to provide the best care, as well as being trained in leadership, responsibility and everything that allows them to offer a quality service.
  • Comply with all legal requirements that allow the satisfaction of our customers according to the services and products offered; so that our KUSKO brand means quality and confidence.




ISO 9001:2015


With great success we hold the Workshop of Dissemination of Certification in Quality Management in the marketing and logistics operations of jewelry in gold, silver and related articles of our company KUSKO E.I.R.L. in the Sala Saqsayhuaman of the Provincial Municipality of Cusco on July 15, 2019; Certification co-financed under the supervision of the National Innovation Program for Competitiveness and Productivity – Innovate Peru, of the Ministry of Production. The opening words were given by Mg. Sandra Matamoros Huaman, Sector Coordinator – Cusco Region of the Ministry of Production, the delivery of the certificate was in charge of the Mg. Gustavo Vargas Castillo, Regional Production Director of the Regional Government of Cusco and the honor provided by the Lic. Carlos Hugo Aguilar Carrasco, President of the Organizing Committee of the Diego Quispe Tito of Cusco National University.

This certification was granted by the SMC Slovensko A.S. certifist. and shows that in KUSKO E.I.R.L. we plan, maintain and continuously improve the performance of our processes and comply with our Quality Policy outlined lines above, in order to provide innovative products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers, contributing to the competitiveness of the sector.

 "We are the KUSKO brand a space that opens its doors to the competition of professional producers of the highest quality, and thus spread the what to make of the new artistic values of our region. Without a doubt, this recognition is a great challenge and a responsibility that we assume with humility and commitment to uphold our culture made art." They were the words of our general manager Lili Huallpa, renowned Coscuña entrepreneur in the field of jewelry in our region.

We will continue to be committed to providing quality products and services, and we now support it with our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification for gold and silver jewelry marketing processes and logistics operations and articles, in force since 08 March this year and in constant evaluation and supervision by internal and external auditors.