KUSKO Art in Jewelry ®



Create contemporary luxury embodied in the art of our millennial culture for our distinguished customers.

Design jewelry to experience unique sensations, counting on a team constantly trained to make jewelry art exquisite collections.

Help our team use their full potential to create jewelry with the identity of our culture by raising the wearer.

Continue to produce high quality with the aim that our seal represents the highest of the production standards in jewelry.


Achieve the recognition of our national and international customers.

Get our team outdone every day by actively engaging with positive ideas, suggestions and solutions.

To position ourselves in the market in a competitive way, so that we are a reference in the sector.

To be at the forefront of the trend in fashion, design and technology of contemporary jewelry, managing to capture the diverse communities that make crafts and managing to include them for mutual benefit.


KUSKO E.I.R.L. with RUC No. 20527118272 registered in Item No. 11016011 of the Register of Legal Persons of the Registration Zone No. X – Headquarters, duly represented by its General Manager Ms. LILI HUALLPA CAMERO, with ID No. 23943814, according to the power of attorney registered in No. 11016011 of the Registration Item referred to above, with registration of Product Mark to INDECOPI with Resolution No. 001021-2016/TPI and Certificate No. 239798; and address at Calle Marquez No. 271- Urb. Historic Center of Cusco, district, province and region of Cusco, puts to your knowledge the history of the company for informational purposes.

The company KUSKO E.I.R.L. born as an initiative of the well-known entrepreneur Lili Huallpa Camero, observing the need of the Cusqueña population to obtain jewelry products made from different, daring, innovative proposals, but above all of quality, offer all these benefits has allowed him to successfully enter the Cusqueño art market. The company has entered the jewelry market since 2015 under the name KUSKO ARTE IN JOYERIA; however, the beginning of its operations was in 1999 under the name of Jewelry "LILI CORAL", with the support of the business started by his father Don Tomas Huallpa Paucar being one of the pioneers in the field of jewelry since the 90's name "Art Inka de Oro".

Being well known for the guarantee of its jewelry and also for the promotions and gifts that it offers its customers in special seasons and that it deals through radio and television media very often. Throughout this period of time the company has been experiencing a level of sustained growth expanding more and more and managing to attract ever larger customers, as well as serving the domestic and foreign public in general, it also offers its products to public and private institutions, guaranteeing products of excellent quality and fair price.

KUSKO supports its participation in the domestic market, as well as abroad, with the participation in prominent trade exhibition fairs such as EXPOCOMER organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP) in the city of Panama in March 2018 within the exhibition space of the Pavilion of the Peru Brand; as well as in "The Pacific Trade Show" in the city of Toronto – Canada in October 2019 being considered within one of the first 8 companies at the Latin American level to be convened for this event that facilitates connecting professionals, companies, organizations that support Canada's international trade between Small and Medium-sized Enterprises with pacific companies and organizations. For this purpose KUSKO has also signed an agreement with different leading companies of art (Simoni Jewels, Wama Craft Jewelry, Chakiras, among others) as ambassadors of the KUSKO brand, with whom it shares all the knowledge and experience gained, as well as as the exhibition and marketing of its products in the different fairs where it has participated, encouraging the worldwide consumption of its brand and also of different brands of quality Cusqueñas.

For the year 2018 the company KUSKO E.I.R.L. presented the project "Implementation and certification of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System for the Improvement of Process Quality in KUSKO E.I.R.L." to the National Innovation Program for Competitiveness and Productivity – Inóvate Peru of the Ministry of Production, who co-financed the implementation and certification project, being completed its last stage of dissemination with a press conference in the same Provincial Municipality of Cusco with invitation to all the Cusco press and with the participation of different allied representatives of the company KUSKO. This certification was made to its General Manager having satisfactorily fulfilled all the requirements and documentation required by the auditing entities and Inóvate Peru.

KUSKO E.I.R.L. continues to offer quality products and services, and supports it now with this ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification for marketing processes and logistics operations of jewelry in gold and silver and related items, march from 08 March 2019 and in constant evaluation and supervision by internal and external auditors.

Spreading for all its local, national and foreign customers the wide variety of jewelry in gold and silver in its only place located at Calle Marqués No. 271, Urb. From the Historic Center of Cusco just two blocks from the Plaza Mayor. Just as it makes available its virtual platforms to contact them at any time through its website: www.marcakusko.com as well as the following mobile numbers: +51 999 633366 and +51 999 632646. Media where they will be taken care of with the kindness and cordiality that characterizes this company that has more than 3 generations in the field of the Cusqueña goldsmith of the highest quality made in the city of Cusco, Peru.

Kind regards